Theme activated, but almost blank page!

Ok, I’m trying to stay calm here, although this whole mess is horrible.

While trying to figure out another issue, I switched back to the WordPress standard theme “Twenty Twelve” for a few minutes, just to make sure my theme wasn’t causing the mentioned issue.

When I then switched back (in the WordPress Dashboard) to my original theme, it wouldn’t trigger anymore.
Only a link and a blank site appears.

When I go to the “Editor” in the WordPress Dashboard all the files of my original theme are still there and they’re not blank.

I downloaded my original theme via FTP, renamed it and tried to upload it via WordPress Dashboard, but I get the exact same problem then.
One thing I have to admit is that the function.php of this theme is empty as it’s a child-theme. But even then, I should be able to re-activate it. I’ve done so previously without any issues.

All my theme files are there and they’re not blank.
Yet, I get almost a blank page and nothing else.
Why is the theme not triggering?

What am I supposed to do now?

I really, really hope someone can help me.

P.S.: I’m not using a standard theme, but one that I coded myself.
Have been running this theme successfully for 6 years now. Never had any issues.
Put sooooo much work into it, cannot afford to lose it now.

How can I get my theme back to work?

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