On this questions / answers page I found a piece of code that I want to use. But in this page the code must be edited in a “form-shipping.php” file. I would like to have all the changes in my child-theme “style.css” or “functions.php”.

I would like to have this function in style.css or functions.php
The checkox must be checked (ship to a different address must be activated permanently), the text “ship to a different address” must stay visible, but the function may not be turned off.

<h3 id="ship-to-different-address">
    <input id="ship-to-different-address-checkbox" class="input-checkbox" <?php checked( apply_filters( 'woocommerce_ship_to_different_address_checked', 'shipping' === get_option( 'woocommerce_ship_to_destination' ) ? 1 : 0 ), 1 ); ?> type="checkbox" style="display:none;" name="ship_to_different_address" value="1" />

Can anyone off you help me with this?
Many thanks!

Read more here: Transform "Hide “Ship to a Different Address?” text and checkbox in Woocommerce checkout" code into functions.php or style.css


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