Transients API for Related Posts Queries on a big WP site

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I’m currently developing my own customized wordpress theme that I plan to use for a particularly large site project. After reading a few stuffs online, I decided to try doing a “Related Posts” feature for each post entries.

I know that this query would have a higher server load, since even though I’m using only the tags in the query argument, my data structure for posts would have around 10-20 tags each.

Upon trying the transient function in a development environment, I noticed a reduction of sql queries, which I think is highly beneficial.

Without transient:

With transient:

I also checked the results inside the wp_options table, and here are the results:

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After seeing four wp_options entries, I got a little worried how this would impact a site with around 30,000 post entries (I’m actually exporting posts from a large WP site). I also tried checking the option_value for the two and they’re around 16,000 bytes each.

My question is, is Transients API the right approach for this kind of setup, or is implementing a “Related Posts by Tags” feature feasible for this situation?

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