Translating "Say what?" plugin replaced strings in WP

I have a question about translating custom strings that I have already replaced with “Say what?” plugin.

The string in question is the Woocommerce email body string- “Your order has been received and is being processed”. The string is replaced in English and works fine – but since the second language in the site is German, I would like to get it translated.

One way is to get it registered in String translations in Polylang, by writing a
“pll_register_string” function in the functions.php. Or am I getting something wrong in the logic?

The alternative is to pay for the “Say what” plugin pro-version and get it translated over there. Is there an obvious and low-cost way of doing that?

Above is a topic that I’ve read but not fully understand. Is this possible to replace strings, registering them in String translations(Polylang) and translating them there?

Hope You guys can help me!

All the best,

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