Trying to create a interactive user experience connected to a database

Okay, so I need help creating a user interface for a political simulation website. What I’m looking for is a way to let my users put in a code and trade their resources which are used for the game/simulation. An example would be users looking through their inventory of lets say 1 Oil and 2 Rhodium and wanting to trade that with another user for 3 Uranium or 10 Coal. Now, currently I use spreadsheets to do all this and as the community is growing, our ability to do this all by hand isn’t. I am not looking into make a video game just trying to setup a sort of inventory/trading system on our wordpress website. If you could guide me on what to do in order to try and succeed at this that would be great! My experience level is pretty basic although I understand basic html, css + javascript from my old high school coding classes.

So someone suggested I be more clear:

a.) I want to implement a system on my wordpress website where users can put in their unique code and they open up their inventory for the PolSim. This inventory includes resources, war items, peace treaties, etc. I want each unique code to hold all the information that includes their items.

b.) I want them to have a interface where they can trade their resources and items with one another so that the mods of the PolSim don’t have to get out their pen and paper because we have around ~100 active members.

c.) Another thing would be to give them a balance of let’s say $100,000 fake buckaroos, and they can buy and sell resources.

d.) Resources also give users certain buffs/debuffs (like coal drains their happiness due to pollution; alcohol increases happiness). I want the users to be able to view their stats which include: Happiness, Development, and Finances.

e.) They also need to be able to see other users “profiles” and have a system where they can just enter their friend’s trade code and boom a trade is made.

d.) I’d like all this information to be stored on a separate file where the mods can have easy access because at the end of each month we calculate a “winner” and give them a prize.

I know this is alot and I need a somewhat working version of what I asked in around 3 weeks.

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