Trying to make a SOAP request from within WordPress

I’m a student who is working on a web application/website for a group project. We’re using Java for the logic (because we have to), a MySQL database, and WordPress for our website.

We set up a Glassfish server to host our Java code and database, then we installed WordPress on it and created our website. We created an API that uses SOAP to connect our JavaScript and our Java.

If we create a basic page on the server, we can get the SOAP connection to work just fine. But if we create a page within WordPress, we get an error that says:

“No ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ header is present on the requested resource”

We only have a couple days left to finish the project, so we don’t have the time to redo a lot of stuff. Does anyone know how to fix this issue in the least amount of time? Could this be an issue with Glassfish and Apache? Would switching our Glassfish to Apache fix it?

Any help at all would be immensely appreciated.

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