I am attempting to change the content block that holds the information for the header on the home page. The content block has successfully been edited by the previous developer but now it seems to ignore all active changes. I have checked to make sure that I”m not mistakenly editing incorrect or unused content. Everything else in the theme seems to save & publish changes as expected. Changes to the content block are still saved and show up correctly on preview but after updating are not displayed on the live site. The theme is Uncode, all other parts of the theme save & reflect changes as expected & the system status in the dashboard is good. Console doesn’t show any errors on saving or updating.

Is there a step I’m missing that is specific to content blocks & updating their content? Could this be a plugin causing a conflict and if so what is the best way to determine which plugin is responsible? Is there another approach I can take to debug this issue or otherwise push changes? What else could be causing this? Any advice is appreciated.

Read more here: Uncode theme content block header ignoring saved changes/not updating?


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