Undefined index for default custom theme option

I have a custom theme option that allows the changing of logos. There are 3 logo options: option1, option2, and option3.

Upon theme activation, the default “option1” logo appears, but above it I get a “Notice: Undefined index: flagship_sub_shield in…”. This error goes away if I save my custom theme option page.

Is there something wrong with how I’m writing my conditional? Or is the issue probably more with the theme-options.php file?

My code in header.php is

$theme_option = flagship_sub_get_global_options();
$shield = $theme_option[‘flagship_sub_shield’];

if (‘option2’ === $shield):

//Image Option #2

elseif (‘option3’ === $shield):
//Image Option #3

//Image Option #1
endif; ?>

The flagship_sub_get_global_options function is located in my theme-options.php file, in my library directory. The relevant option is:

$options[21] =
‘section’ => ‘select_section’,
‘id’ => FLAGSHIP_SUB_SHORTNAME . ‘_shield’,
‘title’ => __( ‘Shield’, ‘flagship_sub_textdomain’ ),
‘desc’ => __( ‘Which shield should appear in the header?’, ‘flagship_sub_textdomain’ ),
‘type’ => ‘select’,
‘choices’ => array(‘option1′,’option2′,’option3’),
‘std’ => ‘option1’,

Any help is appreciated!

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