Unique content display for Woocommerce category pages

I have seen this question/answer, and I just want to verify that my plan is correct, or if there’s a better way to do what is needed w/out hardcosing the templates.

I have main category of products already built in Woocommerce. The client has asked for a specific layout for each main category. They want to display all products, broken down by manufacturer as a sub-heading, followed by any/all products that match the categories for each. As in the following:

  • Cars
    • Toyota
      • car 1
      • car 2
    • Honda
      • car 1
      • car 2
      • car 3
    • Ford
      • car 1
    • etc

Each main category will have various different manufacturers. Almost all of them the client has their own products they make, so they always want theirs first, followed by a specific order of 3rd party manufacturers.

So, is my best bet to create custom taxonomy-product_cat-cars.php files, as well as custom archive-product-cars.php files, and inside them hard code a custom WP_Query() call to pull in the exact category I want?

I searched for a plug-in to do this, but don’t readily see one. I need to control the order of the manufacturers.


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