Updating permalinks away from the admin panel in wordpress?

I have been messing around with website and accidently changed my permalinks, which has given me many 404 errors ever since. I posted about this on the forum earlier, but was not totally sure of the problem.

However, I’ve found that the source of my problem is “pretty permalinks”. My working permalinks looked like this before I changed them:


Now the ones that have broken the website after the permalinks update look like this:


Whenever I try to change them back via the permalinks page, a new .htaccess file is generated in my ‘wordpress’ folder, which breaks the whole website and produces a 403 error.

So, basically generating a new .htaccess file broken my website, and I can’t go back to the old. Deleting it brings back the homepage and admin panel but that’s about it.

Any ways I can manually update the permalinks away from the admin panel? From the command line or file system maybe?

Thanks in advance,


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