URGENT! Visual Composer in Worpdress Not Loading

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Keep in mind I am a complete n00b and have no idea really about JS.

I am working on a Worpdress 4.2.4 site running Symetrio Theme. It’s not an option to update everything at this time.

It’s an odd situation: We have duplicate websites that are bilingual (same theme, same WP build, same plugin build). The Visual Composer has stopped working on one site, but works fine on the other. Any ideas why?

Here’s a screenshot of the errors I see in the developer console on the one site. The other site shows none.

JavaScript Errors Screenshot

I tried:

  • Deactivating/reactivating plugin
  • Re-uploading plugin via FTP
  • Deactivating a bunch of plugins to see if they were interacting
  • Resaving the page
  • Trying to add a new page

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