Use ACF array values in shortcode

I have a client using some third party forms that I want to easily drop in places on their site.

To easily update them site-wide I thought I would create an ACF repeater field on an options page with fields for form_id and form_markup that I could use to build the shortcode. The idea being a user could enter just the id of the form in the shortcode and the form would output.

i.e. [form form_id="1"]

The question is: how do I call the proper ID from the array of data? Here’s where I started:

function form_shortcode( $atts ) {

    // Attributes
            'form_id'   => '',
        ), $atts

    $forms = get_field( 'forms', 'options' );
    foreach ( $forms as $form ) {
        $form_id = get_sub_field( 'form_id', 'options );

    return $form_id;


add_shortcode( 'form', 'form_shortcode' );

I know this isn’t correct, but I’m having trouble figuring out exactly how this should even work logistically. Am I even close?

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