User customising position of WordPress Featured Image

Is it possible to build an option in WordPress which allows user to customise placement of featured image?

Currently the theme I am building, puts the featured image as a banner across the top of the post. Have some users requesting for option to be able to have featured images appear top right of the post with text wrapping around it.

Not sure about how to approach this. My first thought is to put an option in the customiser but I’m concerned this will apply to all blog posts rather than on an individual basis.

Another idea is to build a metabox into the post editing screen (underneath feat. image box) and then build a function to hook into wp post.

I’ve scoured over google on ways how to do this but all I can find so far is information on how to edit content.php to universally change/edit placement of all featured images.

Read more here: User customising position of WordPress Featured Image

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