Using wp_read_audio_metadata()

I am trying to get some metadata from an mp3 file in WordPress. Specifically the length variable. Here is a bit of my code. It’s not shown here but I have included the wp-admin/includes/media.php file. When I look at my page I just see empty tags for

$aud_meta = wp_read_audio_metadata($aud_url); ?>


        <title><?php the_title(); ?></title>

        <itunes:author><?php echo htmlspecialchars((get_bloginfo('name'))); ?></itunes:author>

        <itunes:summary><?php echo  htmlspecialchars(strip_tags(get_the_excerpt())); ?></itunes:summary> 

        <itunes:length><?php echo $aud_meta['length_formatted']; ?></itunes:length>

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