Virutual generated url’s, based on content CPT

I’m currently developing a website with different locations (addresses). I created a Custom Post type (locations), and the customer can add different options to this CPT like reviews, images, forms and so on.

When a customer uses all the possible options, it becomes a very long single page, so I want to provide a single location page with (virutual) subpages. Example of the desired URL structure would be:

The first URL is (of course) generated trough WordPress at the moment you add a location. I want to prevent that our customer must create the 2 sub-pages “more information” and “contact” themselves because the website contains 100+ locations.That’s why I want these 2 URLs to be automatically generated based on the added content.

Hopefully the above is clearly defined, and is this possible within WordPress.

Many thanks in advance.

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