Volley android remove div-container from fetched json

I use volley to fetch content from a wordpress blog via its api.

The content I receive looks like this:

<p>Blog content blabla</p>n
<div id= "pressrelease-link-345"  class= "sh-link pressrelease-link sh-hide">
  <a href= "#" onclick= "showhide_toggle('pressrelease', 345, 'Show full article', 'Hide article'); return false;" aria-expanded= "false">
    <span id="pressrelease-toggle-345">Show full article</span>
<div id= "pressrelease-content-345" class= "sh-content pressrelease-content sh-hide" style= "display: none;">
  <p>more content which is displayed after expanding the text in the browser</p>

I’d like to show the full text in my app, so the whole -part should be removed. Is there a nicer way to do this than just building the string for each article (id, here 345)? I though maybe I could just ‘filter’ out the div using volley, but didn’t figure out how yet.

Read more here: Volley android remove div-container from fetched json

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