Website is incomplete and white [ERROR 503]. ( SOLUTION? )

hi we have a problem with our website.
we have cancelled the folder “wp-content” from the program Viper FTP Lite.
when we reloaded the page the website it was white, we put again the folder “wp-content” from the backup that we had already prepared but reloading the page the website is again white.
Subsequently we have rename the folder “plugins” in “plugins_deactivate” then replacement that normal (to be able to see again the plugins), we have updated the plugins on wordpress and the site to started over working but we can see only the menu and the logo, selecting any option of the menu the page is always equal. To resolve this problem we have checked all folders to verify what they made to go in crash our website, but our website don’t work.
We have also restored the file “wp-config.php.” but our website is incomplete.

we have use “website” for to see the error and this is the message:

“IO Error: HTTP resource not retrievable. The HTTP status from remote the server was: 503.”

What can we do? thanks.

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