What are the implications if my images are loaded from external urls?

I have been working on multiple news websites where I display aggregated content. I am using XML’s to get my data and I am using a parser I have written to post the articles on the websites.

In the past few months I have been running into a big problem; the servers are overloaded in data, which mostly consists of the images I upload to the wordpress media library the whole day through my parser.

Since this problem kind of defeats the purpose of my business, which is scalability, I have been programming a solutionfor the past 2 months which is now almost done.

This solution doesn’t upload the images to the WordPress media library, but instead displays the original image urls directly on the website. Now that I am almost done I realised a few things which might be a problem for all my websites, but since I am relatively new (2years) to this business I am not sure if this is a feasible solution.

So that’s why I hope some one can give me advise on the following points:

I realised that I can’t use the srcset, since I am not uploading different sizes. So my question is; is this going to be a big problem in regards to my page speed?
Are the external urls displayed on my website going to have a good result on my general page speed since I am not loading everything from 1 server?
Are the external urls probably going to have a very bad influence on my SEO rating since I am linking to a lot of other websites? Or can these urls positively influence my SEO ratings somehow?
Are there any other other effects/complications that can occur which I am not pointing out right now?

I have literally nobody in my social networks who also does programming or let alone does wordpress programming, so I have been googling and learning a lot in regards to SEO and the backend programming of wordpress. But this is a subject for which I believe the answers are not all in the open in google since I haven’t found them and it’s a rather specific case.

Eitherway thanks in advance if you’re able to help me!

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