What does Digital Marketing literally mean?

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You may not be a cock and bull story believer but you ought to believe that India is growing at its peak in Digital Marketing Industry. Many factors are highly responsible for this greater part of growth. Purpose of different communication tools had widely brought in the range in the year past. The biggest successful part is having a credible deal online. People always prefer things to be done differently at their own convenience and so does the digital marketing evolved.

Speaking off… India globally ranks third in the usage of internet (i.e) 25 corer people are internet users being 20% of 1.2 billion which is less compared to the US which has 80% internet penetration and China which has up to 50%.

The thought that created a backlog of online advertisements has changed to a level high. The trust that has been restored back to online communication in India made people access everything online from marketing to sales. A wide range of the population in India moved on from traditional marketing to digital marketing. This gives an individual an identity from anonymity.

True to my knowledge, internet usage was only meant for the wealthy in the past. You can now feel the difference in ambiance. The Very majority now have access to the internet in India. Internet and 3G penetration created a greater revolution for both consumers and the marketers. The level of consumption, quality and also the pattern of consumption experience a greater increase with changes in lifestyle and standard of living.

Core trust of Digital Marketing

· For a person who thinks “money matters”, digitalization is a must for him since selling and purchasing is no longer a time taking action.

· Face to face interactions, printed ads and pamphlets are no longer efficient for the promotion of products since Digital Marketing provides easy and efficient promotion platforms.

· Data asset of any beginner or an entrepreneur is made easy.

· Digital Marketing provides the benefit of a fast transaction and immediate accessibility of the product.

· Cost efficient when compared to traditional marketing channels like TV and Print Media.

· Detailed tracking reports are easily obtained with the hourly and daily basis which assists you to revise your campaigns and strategies if the outcome is not up to your expectation.

· Quick reach of targeted audience.

· Gaining potential clients with customer interaction with the brands and effective data shared.

· The main benefit provided by digital marketing is the OPPORTUNITY OF EMPLOYMENT TO ALL.

Overall, Digital Marketing is considered a better platform for driving awareness, lead generation or for both equally and endorsement of products, services, and brands on digital Media like search engines, social media sites, emails and other electronic media.

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