What is causing images to skew left on my WP page?

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I’m making a website on WP, and I’m using Visual Composer. No blog, just pages. For some reason any images I put on the page skew left. When I load the page, initially the image is in the right place. But then immediately as the page loads they are pushed left. Even if they’re inside of a row, as seen here:

The image is inside the same row as the text, yet the text is correctly aligned, and the image is skewed. I put a border around the picture and you can see it even skews from the border.

I’m using the page inspector to try and figure out what in the stylesheet could be causing this, but I’ve already disabled/changed max-width. The margin-left for some reason says -150 and I can’t change it, the inspector keeps saying that even though I’ve changed to 0 it both on the Stylesheet Editor and in Customize -> Additional CSS.

Any idea what could be causing this?

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