What is the best way to do web development in PHP

I have been learning PHP basics and I already know HTML, CSS and JS. Now recently I used Weebly tools and created a little website. I know it was not programming. But now I need to program it in php. So Weebly does allow to write html but it doesn’t allow us to create our own themes and stuff. So I want to move to WordPress as I searched on web it helps to build our website by our own.
Other fact is I have bought a Godaddy domain. Now it says and lot of people say that I can use wordpress with hostgator. But nobody recommend to use wordpress with godaddy.

So if anyone can give me an idea. Which software I should use to build this in php and connect my godaddy domain. Please thanks in advance.

P.S :Or if I can use wordpress do I have to install it to my computer or to Godaddy account?

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