I’m AAA. I’m from BBB but I currently work in CCC. I’m married to DDD. She is from DDD and she works with me in CCC. Our dream is to get rich enough to buy home in EEE.

I’m currently using Mac’s “TextEdit” to use this default post template as a base to create all my posts. AAA, BBB, CCC etc are in red, and I double click on them, typing over the post content. But it is getting real long, since some parts are built by real long links and stuff.

I need a tool which allow me to simplify all this, providing me an interface like the one I designed and posted below. I’m sure it must exist something like this. But I don’t know the tool name 🙂

Read more here: What is the fastest tool to search & replace multiple parameters from a text file? [on hold]


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