What’s a generalized version of this Movies plug-in?

I need to implement a structured database in WordPress, specifically something very similar to what I see in the screenshots and documentation of this plug-in: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wpmovielibrary/

Except, that my database is not about movies at all. But I need the same structure with a poster image and some fields containing structured information.

I’m not familiar with WordPress terminology. Is there a name for what I’m looking for, so that I can Google for additional options? (I already searched for “wordpress structured data” but this apparently refers to metadata in a SEO context, not what I’m looking for)

Is there a plug-in that is general enough to be configurable to any fields I want? Or perhaps an open-source plug-in that I can modify to suit my use-case?

Read more here:: What’s a generalized version of this Movies plug-in?

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