Why don’t WordPress post slugs allow accents?

If you create a post whose title has an accent in it and some other unicode character in it, eg à 漢語 title thing, its slug (permalink) will become a-漢語-title-thing… ie, the à was converted into a regular a, but those unicode Chinese characters were left intact.
Why doesn’t WordPress leave the accented characters alone?
I created a code snippet to tell WordPress to leave them alone

function mn_sanitize_title($modified_title, $original_title, $context)
// the $modified_title may have had accents removed, but not the $original_title
return $original_title;
// set this filter to run BEFORE WP already ran the title through `sanitize_title_with_dashes`
add_filter(‘sanitize_title’, ‘mn_sanitize_title’, 5, 3);

and it seems to work fine (accented characters are left intact in post slugs) so I’m wondering why WordPress developers removed accented characters from post slugs in the first place?

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