why the assets header are not shown on JS/CSS

I have this VCL here https://pastebin.com/RPJvAqZ1 but the varnish Hits are not showing for the JS/CSS

see the headers in the drobpox folder at the bottom (*)

it is a classic/woocomerce/WordPress vcl

I just added:

if (req.http.cookie ~ "learn_press_user_guest_id") {

and to the has section I added

sub vcl_hash {


if (req.http.host) {
} else {

if (req.http.Cookie) {


The learnpress cookie is a cookie set for the guest users, so that I had to make that hash, am I right here?

do I have to make one for PHPSESSID?

this is my stats in the dropbox folder (*)

(*) dropbox folder

please help me.

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