WooCommerce, add color on every items / Products in OneShot

i’m trying to make an easier administration in woocommerce with the products, I have colors attributes, what i’m trying to do, is when i add color inside attribute, all the products who got colors take this news colors.
For exemple I have : Blue, red, Green and i add black, i don’t wan’t to comeback on every product for add this color because all my products must have this color without exception. i have tried the “Variation Swatches” Plugin by theme Alien, it’s work good, i can add colors or deleted it directly in attributes but it’s only work on my product when i delete a color. when i add one, the color is in the attribute but not in the product and if i want the new color on my product i must go on every items and push the buton “Select ALL” In colors attribute for do the change

I can do a hook for trigger the moment when i add color but i pretty sure there is a better solution.

Is there someone got a better solution here for this ?

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