I have an online shop that use Woocommerce and work in print.

This online shop it will help me to take the orders for me. I need to allow my clients to upload their photos from their device, from social media or from a certain URL.

In the price of the product they will have a certain number included. If they will add more photos than this number, they will be charge a fix amount for each photo.

For example:

Lets say I do banners for events. In the standard price they have included a maximum 6 photo. That means if they upload 6 or less photos than that the price it will be always the same.

But if they upload more than that that it will be 50 cents for each additional photo, that will be over those 6.

Thank you in advance guys for your help!

Read more here: [Woocommerce} Allow uploading of photos/files while placing an order and charge for more than certain number of photos/files


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