woocommerce attributes not showing on front end

I have setup a Woocommerce store with hundreds of variable products (months ago). Everything has been working great with product variations/attributes so far, but today I got a message saying that customers are unable to pick a size for some of our products.

So, I have been looking into this, but I do not see why this is not working as intended…

I have set the attributes correctly on the back-end, I know this because it has been working as intended for the last 6+ months. I have also looked at the attributes & variations settings for these products, and they are all still set correctly.

Then, I double-checked to make sure the variation still had a price set, which it does.

Then, I checked the front-end of the site, and sure enough, the “size” attributes no longer show any options.

Any thoughts on why this might be? I have looked around stackoverflow a bit already… and the only thing I have found that I haven’t tried yet, is: disabling all the plugins and reverting the site’s theme to a default theme… I am really trying to avoid going down that road…

Sample URL (manually set product “Size” attributes on product page back-end):

Any/all help is greatly appreciated!

WordPress: 4.7.4 – WooCommerce: 3.0.5

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