I asked this question in the WordPress.org support forum for Woocommerce, and somebody pointed me in this direction.
I’m not a programmer, I just dip my fingers a bit in the WordPress pond. Sometimes I break it, sometimes it works.

I was wondering if there’s a way to have a specific product attribute automatically added to the product URL (post URL)?

For example:
I’m creating an online bookstore and I want the ISBN to be added to the end of the product URL (http:/ /bookstore.com/product/booktitle-999000999 <–like this), without having to add the isbn to the URL manually and risking to mess up the link.

I’m not the only one who will be managing the store and it’s easy to forget to add it to the URL when you’ve already added it to attributes.

Thanks in advance!

Read more here: Woocommerce: Automatically add product attribute to product url


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