WooCommerce Bookings: Override admin form

I use the WooCommerce Bookings plugin and WooCommerce TM Extra Product Options to have additional options on my products.

The second extension displays the additional fields in front-end but not in the back-end when I want to create a reservation manually.

In front-end I can display additional fields with the following hook: woocommerce_before_add_to_cart_button

The thing is complicated in back-end because no hook is present, the form is immediately implemented.

File : woocommerce-bookingsincludesadminviewshtml-create-booking-page-2.php

/* Line 16 */    

The extension to display additional fields has an action to display these: do_action('woocommerce_tm_epo', $product_id)

What is the proper way to do what I want ?

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