In my header.php I want to add title based on the category of the page.

My current code looks like this:

<h1 class="page-title"><?php

    if (is_category('english') || has_category('english',$post->ID)) {

        echo "music in the world of noise";

    } elseif (is_category('marathi') || has_category('marathi',$post->ID)) {

        echo "क्षितिज जसे दिसते";

    } elseif (is_category('happenings') || has_category('happenings',$post->ID)) {

        echo "Happenings";

    } elseif (is_product() && is_product_category( 'music' ) ) {

        echo "music";

    } elseif (is_product_category( 'album' )) {

        echo "albums";

    } elseif ( is_product() && is_product_category( 'workshop' ) ) {
        echo "Workshop";
    } elseif( is_product() && has_term( 'workshop' ) ) {
        echo "Workshop";
    } else {



I want to echo out Workshop in h1 if the product page is single product page AND if that product is in the workshop category. Same for Music. is_product_category works only on category page not on single product page.

How do I determine the category of single product and echo the relevant text. Other if statements (is_category('english') has_category()) are working except for the woocommerce pages?

Read more here: WooCommerce – determine product category of current single product page


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