Woocommerce Dynamic Pricing not Calcualting Correctly

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I have this plugin installed on my main website and it’s not discounting the product based on the rules I’ve set up.

0 items up to 999 items are .69/pc

1000 items up are .67/pc.

I then installed WP on a dev site I don’t use then installed woocommerce and the woocomerce dynamic pricing plugin. It doesn’t calculate right on this site either.

Example: http://dev.healthproductscenter.com/?product=test

The pricing get’s marked down, as you can see in the above example ( add 1000 to the cart and it shows it’s .67), but the total is not the discounted rate. It’s the original rate of .69

I have no other plugins installed except what I mentioned.

I’ve got to be missing something but can’t find it.
Any ideas?


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