WooCommerce : how to set that price is always positive

I have a problem on my website, and for three months can not solve it. It is a plugin WooCommerce.
The website selling virtual products and services. This is the website link https://lol-elo-boost.com/

The problem is boosting services, it consists of the current position and from the desired position. With the help of plugin WooCommerce Product Bundles
I made two variable product which I bundle in one product. If a customer enters a wrong position and
puts the current position higher than the desired position, bundle product prices because of this error becomes negative. In any case, the price is accurate,
except that prices is negative instead of being positive. This is the link to the product https://lol-elo-boost.com/product/solo-queue/.

What can I do to the price of the product bundle in any case (always) be positive.

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