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I am using WooCommerce on my WordPress site and am struggling to figure out an issue I am having. This site is an e-commerce store for a Watercolor artist, in the woocommerce store there is a product for each one of the paintings she wants to sell. Within each of these product listings, there are multiple variations which include 'Original Framed Painting', 'Original Unframed Painting (Packaged Flat)', 'Original Unframed Painting (Rolled)', 'A3 Print', 'A4 Print' and 'Greeting Card'.

Because original paintings are one-off item I need to find a way to link the stock of these variations, so that if an unframed original (rolled) is purchased you can no longer purchase unframed original (Flat) or Framed Original. Could someone please help me figure out how to accomplish this? Perhaps I need to have a second variation option so once ‘Original Painting’ is selected you get another option. I did try to setup another set of attributes for this, however these attributes then showed up under Greeting cards and prints which did not work.

Website –
(This is a slightly outdated version of the website)


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