Woocommerce membership directory restrictions

I have a wordpress members site using woocommerce and woocommerce membership plugins.

We have a members page that is restricted to signed up paid members and gives them access to a TV channel.

The problem we have is that a member can gain access to the page, copy the HTML and view the TV channel without membership.

As it’s the videos and images we want to stop hotlinking to I was wondering if the following may work.

  1. Each member has a membership number (wordpress database id), could we scramble that id and add it to the TV channel URL. This will allow us to descramble the id, check if that user has a current membership, and if they do allow access.

  2. At this point where we know the wordpress database id is granted access we need a way to show the TV channel without revealing the real TV channel URL.

Is this at all possible and would anyone have any suggestions how this could be put together.

I’m also open to other solutions if you have them.


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