I’ve been pulling my hair out with this all day, please forgive the short description, I just need to validate my sanity!!

As the title says, im trying to create two or three different single-product layouts within woocommerce. The minimum im trying to achieve would be to have multiple single-product folders each with their own name and configurations.

No matter which way i try to override the single-product.php and make this file use logic to check for the product_cat and give out templates accordingly, i either the page not loading or what i write is skipped over and the default is loaded.

So far ive been through the following methods multiple times, trying to piece together what may be outdated code or otherwise causing all the fuss:

WooCommerce – How to create multiple single product template based on category?

Woocommerce single product – template by categories

Creating a different template file for certain Product Categories – WordPress/Woocommerce?

i was more hoping someone may know something about this that im obviously missing as there are many articles out there on what to try and most claim sucess but im unable to do so.

I appreciate there is non of my code here but ive honestly follewed every instgruction to the letter and tries everything mentioned in these articles every which way possible!

Read more here: Woocommerce Multiple single product templates using single-product.php to redirect


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