I’m upgrading a solution from the WooCommerce REST API v1 to the new v2 REST API introduced with WooCommerce v3.0. Many of the endpoints now support meta data – I’m just trying to work out how I can view meta data that I upload via the API in the WooCommerce Admin section?

For example I just created a Coupon as follows:

  "amount": "10.00", 
  "code": "dbzcp", 
  "date_expires": "2017-05-27", 
  "description": "Test Databuzz Coupon", 
  "discount_type": "percent", 
  "email_restrictions": [], 
  "exclude_product_ids": [], 
  "exclude_sale_items": false, 
  "excluded_product_categories": [], 
  "free_shipping": false, 
  "id": 3173, 
  "individual_use": false, 
  "limit_usage_to_x_items": 0, 
  "maximum_amount": "0.00", 
  "meta_data": [
      "key": "Style", 
      "value": "Gold"
  "minimum_amount": "0.00", 
  "product_categories": [], 
  "product_ids": [], 
  "usage_limit": 0, 
  "usage_limit_per_user": 0

and it was upload successfully. How can I view the meta data for this coupon in the WooCommerce admin screens – I couldn’t see this anywhere in the Coupon details so far?

Read more here: WooCommerce REST API v2 – View Uploaded Meta Data


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