Woocommerce Subscription Products Plan

So I’m building a website with vegan cookies and we have three diffrent levels of packages with cookies: Entry, Medium, Family. And we sell them only as a packages.

Anyway our focus is to make monthly subscription packages, so you choose a what type of box suits you and make a subscription based on 3 levels of subscriptions.

Also when you subscribe you’ll get 4-8-12 deliverys that month depends on the level of subscription you choose.

My question is that I don’t have any ideea how to do this and what extensions do I need.
On short you enter on our website, choose the type of subscription you wanna go, than choose the package of cookies you wanna go than fill up when you wanna recive the deliverys.

I saw that the Order Delivery in Subscriptions does the part with programing your delivery, next deliverys but I’m not sure it’s what I need and I don’t wanna pay for nothing.

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