Woocommerce – WP All Import – updated stock not showing

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I run a site with lots of products. I have a category which I uploaded 200+ products to. Most are set to stock 0 and price $0 because I don’t have my hands on the products yet. For the ones I do have a hold of, I want to update the stock and price. Doing so updates it in the database but it doesn’t show up on the front end. I should be seeing this product in the category overview:

But the category view doesn’t display it:

All I did was update stock/price based on the SKU I have assigned it. I know it imported correctly because I can see in the database that is has stock and a price assigned to it. I have cleared cache, viewed site through proxy, another browser and another device but still couldn’t see it. The only way I can get to view the product in the category is to duplicate the product and delete the original but it’s clearly not the efficient way to go about it. Any other pointers or things I should try would be greatly appreciated

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