WooCommerce Wrong Tax Calculation

I got a problem with tax calculation when i create woocommerce products. For example i create a product with some variations, i set the regular price but when it goes to Cart page it automatically sets the price tax in it. And when it goes to the checkout page then it taxes it again.

Please have a look at this screenshots:

Regular Price

Then here you can see the products price in the website:

Price 1

Price 2

Price 3

Now here are the Settings i used :

General Settings

Settings 1

Settings 2

The wrong calculations happens in Germany Location, and when i create it with admin access in wordpress. You can see how the regular price was set then in cart it calculates it with * 1.19 and calculates it again in the 3-rd page where the total and subtotal fields are.

P.S. This product is made with fancy product designer.

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