So i’m trying to make a PHP-uploading form. It works outside of any wordpress-installation, but when trying to add it to a custom page i do this.

wordpressCMS->new page : uploads

then i name the file page-uploads.php and drag it into the right directory. I can now see the contents of the file.

However, in my form i’ve got

<form action="action.php" ....>

And when submitting the form, my url becomes /uploads/action.php and nothing happens in my db and wp is driving me mad, cant do anything custom in wordpress without fiddeling around with custom classes and using wordpresses own functions.

can i turn this functionality off, so that i can just ADD a random file with whatever code i want and it will show up at that directory at the same time as i have wordpress installed?

Read more here: wordpress adding slash when trying to access form-action


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