WordPress admin-ajax.php error when regenerate thumbnails

I am using the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin to modify the images of a Woocomerce store. When I start the regeneration process I get the following message instead of the process confirmation of the image:

function (){return f&&(c&&!b&&(h=f.length-1,g.push(c)),function d(b){n.each(b,function(b,c){n.isFunction(c)?a.unique&&j.has(c)||f.push(c):c&&c.length&&"string"!==n.type(c)&&d(c)})}(arguments),c&&!b&&i()),this}

In the console, I find that the admin-ajax.php file does not exist or can not be loaded (error 404, error 500).

This may be because the server does not have the ability to process these tasks simultaneously?

Where can I check the source of the problem? Look at the PHP errors and the WordPress log and figure nothing with reference to this.

Thank you!

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