WordPress Admin Caches as a 403

I’m having an issue with a WordPress website in that /wp-admin seems to cache as a 403 error.

It’s happened a few times now, if I clear the website’s cache (via the browser) and try again I get the login form as expected.

I have a feeling that it may be a misconfiguration on my part for the Wordfence plugin, but I wouldn’t really know where to start in terms of debugging this.

Here’s some information about the environment:

  1. I currently have two plugins, ACF Pro and Wordfence
  2. The WordPress install sits on a subdomain (I do this a lot and have never seen this problem before).
  3. The install is the latest version 4.7.5 and both ACF Pro and Wordfence are the latest versions.

Thanks for any help or even a point in the right direction!


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