WordPress and Google Analytics Events [GETTING CRAZY]

im really getting crazy.
I just want to track some actions in google analytics but i get none working.
I tried it with Contact Forms (WordPress). At the additional settings i just wrote

on_sent_ok: "ga('send', 'event', 'Formular-Beratung', 'sent');"

but it does not work?! I installed the google tag assistant…cant see any event (not even in the live view at google analytics)

There ist a live chat (snapengage). Here you can also track events. For this i implemented the code

var seAgent;
SnapABug.setCallback('StartChat', function (email, msg, type) {
    seAgent = agent;
    ga('send','event','SnapEngage', 'hasChatted', email);

I got this from there official site: see here
This code should send an event to google, when someone is sending a message in the chat)
And… whats happening… nothing… 🙁
It seems like the whole site does not send ANY events to Google.

This is the site i am talking about.
PLEASE could anybody have a look at this?
Thank you VERY much!

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