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Apache error log reporting byterange_filter debug entries

Running Apache 2.4 on CentOS 7, my log is reporting a number of debug entries having to deal with the byterange_filter.c module. For example: 2017-03-03

Can’t remove codeigniter’s index.php in a subfolder of a wordpress site on root

I’m aware of a lot of solutions around there, and tried everything. The problem is, when I put a .htaccess in the codeigniter subfolder, it’s

How to add a RewriteRule for uniqid() url?

I’m using WordPress and trying to add a Rewrite rule to .htaccess for a url that contains a 13 character unique id code (that changes

After Form submission displaying error

After submitting the form to the server, i am getting following error. Following are the site details, Language: PHP CMS: WordPress Server: Apache OS: Linux(redhat)

Convert .htaccess to web.config on iis 8.5

I’m using IIS-8.5 and am moving a site over from a apache webserver to IIS 8.5. I know web.config does the same job as .htaccess.

.htaccess RewriteRule subfolder subfolder

How can I add a rule onto the following so that gets access to the wp-admin folder currently it redirects to .htaccess: RewriteEngine

Can’t run XAMPP because of port?

Sorry to bother guys. I have to develop a wordpress site for college, and i have to use xampp for it. but mysql and apache

Domain/ELB returning 503 after linking it to wordpress EC2 instance

When I link a domain name to EC2 instance IP, my wordpress setup on the same machine returns 503 error. It runs fine when its

WordPress fatal error memory in wp-db.php

I have a website running which crashes every 3 minutes on reload. I am using php-fpm. The site seems to be running out of memory

how to install imagemagick using .htaccess

there is a WordPress plugin and and when i enable it ,it says “ php Imagic extension is not installed” however, i created a php

How to create a sub domain without cPanel?

I usually use cPanel to create subdomains. Right now, I am working with on an apache server (centOS) that doesn’t have a cPanel. So far,

WordPress MYSQL Deadlock every couple days

I have a WordPress site running on an Amazon EC2 instance, and for the past couple weeks the site has been crashing early in the

Wp-admin .Htaccess

Our site is now not having Interal Server Error 500; however, we can’t access wp-admin, it comes up with a timeout. I know this is

Exclude 2 png images from htaccess rule

I have a rule in my htaccess that redirects all of my non-slash URL to slash url. However I’d like to exclude 2 .png URLs

Blog’s htaccess rules file conflicting with other GET param rules

I have a typical wordpress blog, which is setup at Again, typical wordpress setup — the web directory has a /blog folder with an

PhP cannot seem to find basic linux commands

I use Webuzo panel, PHP5.6, and Apache with WordPress (Ubuntu 16) Whenever a wordpress plugin attempts to run a script, I’ve greeted with: sh: 1:

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