WordPress API endpoint giving 404 on clean install

My clean install of WordPress is responding with a 404 at /wp-json.

The URL I’m using is temporary in the format http://111.222.333.444/~account/

I can access the blog at http://111.222.333.444/~account and wp-admin at 111.222.333.444/~account/wp-admin. I can’t access wp-json at 111.222.333.444/~account/wp-json/

I’ve tried both WordPress 4.7.5 and 4.7.4. I’ve installed through Installatron (4.7.5 and 4.7.4) and Softalicious (4.7.5 only) and neither work.

My host uses a LiteSpeed server. There are no .htaccess files in obvious directories. I am using the same host for another WordPress instance (also 4.7.5) and its /wp-json/ works fine.

On one install attempt, /wp-json/ responded with the blog home page rather than a 404.

I have tried inserting index.php in the URL (i.e. 111.222.333.444/~account/index.php/wp-json

… and I’ve run out of ideas. Any help, please?

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