I would like to auto login to subdomain from main domain as well as from subdomain to main domain.

I was already able to do this by sending url with encoded params to own php login file but weak security and encryption php control for the url param would put perfomance load on server.

I think cookies are the right way to approach and know that it can be shared within domain network but the cookie setups I have seen in wp-config address using same DB – I have separate DB’s. Note that I have ensured same users present in all DB’s so both users and cookie info should be accessable.

Any way to use cookies in network but on different DB or at least some other way making this work? Also aware of some plugins with sync session cookie and IP but would like not to rely on plugins for this (at least not minor used plugins) which might also have other performance load features.


Read more here: WordPress auto login at subdomain from main domain on single sites with different DB


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