I got stuck in the beaver builder page editor.
So i have a multi-site WordPress installation setup with a blog template plugin.
When a new sub-site (blog) is created i assign one of the blog templates in the system programmatically. The default beaver builder theme gets applied to new sub-site. sub-site admin can then change the page content using page builder. This is all fine.

The problem comes in when the sub-site admin decides to change the blog template for his site. I created a functionality where user can change the template to something other. The process i did in back-end when user changes blog template is:

  • Take a backup of post meta table. (This is where the page builder saves data for post when edited using page builder).
  • Assign the desired blog template to the blog.
  • Restore the DB backup we took in first step.

After changing template i can see the new template is applied nicely. But when i go to page builder again it loads older view in the builder.

Read more here: WordPress Beaver builder theme draft css


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