WordPress + BlockUI or a splash page

First – I don’t want to invite a wheel which may exists. Second – I’m not sure which method will be more effective in my case.

I have a website where there are a lot of galleries with high-res photos and kind of large thumbnails (about 350×235 on average) which makes those pages to load slowly. On those pages I want to do some kind of quote and under that quote a message about that page may load slowly.

I have tried to use jQuery BlockUI executing based on page ID. I have added my code to the wp-header.php but I wasn’t able to get it activated when the page started to load (as first), then load all images “in the background” and deactivate when all got loaded on the page.

As a generic solution for my issue I thought that maybe there are some kind of plugins which create a splash page before loading “main” page but what I saw can load that kind of splash page before the home page or all other pages but not selected one.

Any thoughts or suggestions on that?

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