WordPress blog posts template bug

I’m facing an issue I’ve never seen before. I fully copied a WP website to my localhost machine and everything was looking fine. When I was trying to make some changes on the blog page template (that template was set to be the “posts page” on Admin > Settings > Reading), I didn’t see the page template dropdown being displayed on Page Attributes box, but that weird thing is happening only on localhost, because I can see that dropdown on the online website. If I set another page else to be the “posts page” and then come back to that 1st one, I can see the page templates dropdown as normal, but this also is only happening on localhost.

I know that a specific page template is being used for posts page, however I neither can’t see the page templates dropdown nor my changes on the php template page.

Is there some reported bug around that issue? I haven’t updated to the 4.9 WP version yet.

Does anyone know how to fix? I need to make changes on that template and I’m stuck on the job because that issue which is giving me a big headache.


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